Terms & Conditions

  1. Programme Description

The Clique Loyalty Programme (the ‘Programme’) provided by Clique Clinic (the ‘Clinic’) is defined as the consumer rewards membership programme and designed to enable its members to enjoy various benefits (as described below) during their purchase at the Clinic, affiliates, subsidiaries or partners participating in the Programme

  1. Definitions

Account: Member Points record.
Business Partners: Partners, Suppliers, service suppliers, contractors, vendors, agencies, agents or persons, which are appointed by the Clinic for purposes of managing various aspects of the Programme.
Customer: Individual (not a Member of the Programme) making a purchase at the Clinic.
Gifts: Products and/or services offered to Members in exchange for sufficient amount of Points. 
Member: Customer who has accepted the Programme’s General Conditions of Use.
Membership: Those arrangements by which a Member agrees to participate in the Programme and receives Points by purchasing qualifying products and/or services at the Clinic and so qualifies for Gifts under these Terms and Conditions.
Partner: Company not operated by the Clinic and participating in the Programme.
Point: Unit generated by a member according to a set scale, following an eligible purchase at Clinic, affiliates, subsidiaries or partners participating in the Programme.
Programme: Clique Loyalty Programme.
Reward: Any Gifts obtained using Points accumulated on the Member’s account.
Tier: Membership level that is defined by a certain number of Points and corresponds to benefits received by a Member at the Clinic, based on the eligible points earned by a Member over a given period.
Transaction: Crediting or debiting points from a Member’s account. 

  1. Programme Membership

Membership is open to individuals above 21 years old. Membership in the Programme is free of charge. Any individual who wishes to become a Member must agree to be bound by the Programme’s general conditions of use, as varied from time to time. 

Each Member will be issued with a username and password. Username and password are nominative and strictly personal. It cannot be sold, loaned or transferred. The Member must not disclose his/her personal account password to any other party. The Member accepts responsibility for all operations to and from his/her account.  Only one account for one person. Members are only allowed to maintain one account under the same payee name – registering with multiple accounts is not allowed. 

A valid email address is required to join the Programme. Two or more Members may not use the same email address. In the case of successful Membership applications, the Member agrees to receive electronic communications relating to the operation of, and services offered by, the Programme, including information messages, Points statements, and information regarding the operation of the Member’s account. The Clinic also intend to send Member, information about good and/or services offered by the Clinic and its Business Partners which may be of interest. If the Member no longer wishes to receive this information, Member could withdraw such consent by using the ‘unsubscribe’ facility on any marketing email or give notice in writing to the Clinic. 

  1. Member Use

To enjoy the Member’s benefits, Member must present their National Registration Identity Card Number (NRIC No.) or Passport Number on arrival at the Clinic. Programme benefits can only be provided if Members comply with these requirements.

Using his/her personal account enables Member to:

  • View transaction history, Tier, and Reward points.
  • Access Clique Loyalty Programme portal at cliqueclinic.com and Clique Mobile App.
  • Subscribe to Clique Clinic and its Business Partners newsletters, and manage subscriptions online.
  • Access personalised offers and services.
  • Redeem products and/or services.
  1. Reset Password

Go to www.cliqueclinic.com/clique-loyalty-programme/Login, choose “Forgot Your Password”, and enter username. Members should receive an email with a link to create a new password for his/her membership account. If members do not receive the email, check the spam folder and add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to his/her email contact list to ensure members receive the notifications going forward.

If a member is unable to reset the password for his/her membership account through the Clique Loyalty Programme page, contact us for assistance.

  1. Member Responsibilities

Member of the Programme accept that the Programme may be modified in whole or in part at any time without prior notice. Any breach by a Member of these Conditions of Use, abusive or fraudulent use of the Membership, Points or the Programme rewards vouchers, communication of falsified information and/or detrimental or objectionable behaviour (notably, regrettable, malicious or insulting behaviour towards clinic staff or customers) may result -  at the sole discretion of the Programme Administrator – in temporary suspension of the Member’s Programme membership or termination of membership without notice or compensation, plus cancellation of any Points earned by the Member with his/her account. This suspension or termination shall be without prejudice to the Programme Administrator’s right to take action with respect to a Member.

  1. Earning Clique Loyalty Programme Points

When a Member purchases an eligible products and/or services at the Clinic, the Member’s account is credited with the Points corresponding to his/her purchase. 

Members earn two (2) types of points: 

  1. Tier Qualifying points: Tier Qualifying points that define Member’s Tier level and allow Members move up to the next level. 
  2. Reward points: These points can be redeemed for gifts, vouchers, selected products and/or services. 

All Tier Qualifying points accrued by the Programme Members are automatically credited to the Reward Points. 

Points are strictly personal and cannot be transferred. Points do not constitute a means of payment and have no monetary value. No money shall be provided for lost or unused points.

  1. Membership Tiers

The Programme offers four membership tiers, namely Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The rules for access to Tier levels will be considered of the Member’s activity during each calendar year. 

Upon enrollment, a Programme Member will be accorded the benefits and recognition of a Clique Classic Member. The Clinic will not entertain any requests for an upgrade to a higher tier if the Member has not met the set qualifying criteria. 

Each tier will receive points according to their tier level, as shown in the table below, on the basis of every ten (10) ringgit spent. 

Classification Aesthetic Procedures Rewards Points Aesthetic Products Rewards Points General Medical Treatments Rewards Points
Classic 10 10 Not Applicable
Silver 11 11 Not Applicable
Gold 12 12 Not Applicable
Platinum 13 13 Not Applicable

Tier Qualifying Points are valid until 31 December of the calendar year in which they were earned.          

  1. Special Offers and Promotional Operations

Members may also earn Points in the context of special offers or promotional operations organised by the Programme. In this context, earning Points depends on meeting specific conditions that apply to each offer or operation and that are communicated to Members.

  1. Explore Tier Benefits

Members may at any time qualify a higher tier level if they reach the required points, as shown in the table below.

Classification Number of Points Earned Per Member
Silver 10,000
Gold 25,000
Platinum 50,000

At the start of each 1st of January, an assessment is made of Tier Qualifying Points earned by a member from the previous calendar year:

  • If, during the previous calendar year, the member reached a threshold allowing of his/her current Tier level or qualify to a higher Tier level, he/she keeps this Tier level for the current calendar year;
  • If, during the previous calendar year, the member did not reach a threshold allowing maintenance of his/her current Tier level, he/she will have a Tier level corresponding to his/her activity during this period, as indicated to the scale below.
  1. On 1 January of each calendar year, Tier Qualifying Points are reset to zero.
  2. The use of Points has no effect on the Tier level.
  3. Points earned for tier upgrade is only valid when full payment of products and/or services is made at Clique Clinic.
  1. Validity of Points

The points accumulated are valid for 12 months (365 consecutive days) from the date of last purchase. This validity is extended by 365 days each time a purchase at the clinic is done.

If a Member does not purchase any products and/or services at Clique Clinic during a period of 365 consecutive days, all the Points in his/her account are lost without prior notice. Points lost are not able to restore or transfer.

  1. Benefits and Services Offered to Members

In addition to receiving Points, Members with a Tier of Gold or higher are offered certain benefits associated with their Membership Tier level.

Only the account Member is entitled to the benefits associated with the Programme.

  1. Redeeming Clique Loyalty Points

Points can be redeemed for Rewards. Terms and conditions apply.

Rewards can be Clique Clinic products and/or services, Clique Clinic Reward vouchers, and Business Partner vouchers.

Points are strictly personal and cannot be transferred. They can be used directly for redemption at www.cliqueclinic.com.

Clique Clinic Reward vouchers can be used directly during a purchase at the Clinic Redemption and reward vouchers are not eligible to earn Points.

Clique Clinic Reward vouchers are not redeemable at other Business Partners participating in the Programme.

Clique Clinic Reward vouchers are transferrable. They can therefore be used by someone other than the Member who has redeemed his/her points. However, Clique Clinic Reward vouchers cannot, under any circumstances, be sold to anyone at any price whatsoever.

Where a Reward is associated to a service provided by a Partner, the Member must meet all the general conditions set forth by the Partner. Certain restrictions (dates, period, etc) may apply. It is up to the Member’s responsibility to contact the Partner to obtain information concerning such restrictions.

  1. Member Account Issues

If a member notes that his/her points are not credited as expected after a minimum of seven (7) days following the member’s purchase at a participating clinic, the member may send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 30 days following the purchase in question (based on the payment/receipt date).

For the claim to be processed, the Member must attach a copy of the paid invoice. This invoice must not include handwritten modifications. Only the document printed by the Clinic is acceptable and must be established in the name of the Member making a claim.

  1. Suspension or Termination Terms & Procedures

Termination by the Member
A member may decide to withdraw from the Programme at any time. A Member may terminate his/her membership by sending an email stating that he/she wishes to terminate his/her membership. Alternately, it can be done by clicking the “Contact Us” link at www.cliqueclinic.com/clique-loyalty-programme.

Suspension or termination by the Programme Administrator
Any breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Programme by a Member using the Programme Membership, may at the Programme Administrator’s discretion:

  • Lead to the temporary suspension of individual’s membership for a period to be decided by the Programme Administrator, which cannot exceed three (3) months (the ‘Suspension Period’).
  • Be punished by the termination of the membership, that is, the immediate cancellation of the account, its benefits, the closure of the account and the cancellation of the Points earned, without any claim for compensation by the Member, for whatever reason.

Effects of the Suspension
During the Suspension Period, the Member may not earn points, as stipulated in Article 7 herein, claim any benefits and services available to Members, as stipulated in Article 12 herein, or redeem his/her Points as stipulated in Article 13 herein.

During the Suspension Period, and no later than the expiry date of the Suspension Period, the Programme Administrator may decide to:

  • Lift the Suspension, in which case the Member can take advantage of the benefits and services available to Members and redeem his/her Points once again; or
  • To order the termination of the membership in accordance with the provisions of article 15 hereof.

Effects of the Termination
Whenever a membership is terminated, the said Member shall be completely removed from the Programme and all relations between the Programme Administrator and the Member shall be irrevocably ended. This removal also results in the deletion of all Points accumulated at the date of such termination.

  1. Programme Communications

The Member can access all information regarding his/her membership in the Programme (including his/her Points balance and the activities of his/her account) via his/her Membership account at www.cliqueclinic.com. In accordance to Article 3, Members are reminded that by becoming a Member of the Programme, they agree to receive electronic communications associated with the operation and services offered by the Programme. Any Member who joins the Programme further agrees to receive commercial information electronically by email from the Programme, including promotions for Members only. If the Member no longer wishes to receive commercial communications by email, he/she may unsubscribe at any time from these commercial offers by clicking “unsubscribe facility” on any marketing email or giving notice in writing to the Clinic.  This action has no effect on his/her membership.

The Member must notify the Programme of any change of email, contact number, or any other relevant information his/her personal account.

  1. Personal Data Protection Policy

The Clinic and the Programme respect the privacy of its Members. Personal information regarding the Member is collected by the Clinic which is responsible for data processing as part of Programme administration and management (such as for Memberships and Rewards). This information is used only by the Clinic and its subsidiaries and Business Partners. It is part of the Programme Membership Terms and Conditions and Members are responsible for ensuring that they are aware of these Terms and Conditions including this Policy on Personal Data.

By providing us your personal data and your continued use of your services, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions apply and consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance to this Privacy Notice. Members shall ensure that all personal data provided to the Clinic is accurate at the point of submission and that the Clinic is kept abreast and updated of any change in personal details.

From time to time, the Clinic may ask for additional information, to help improve its services to Members, to create more opportunities for Members to enjoy the Programme, to follow up with Members for feedback or to help prevent abuse of the Programme.

The Clinic may automatically collect other information about Members indirectly through its database such as customer profile and consumer behaviour. Any customer information (including Members name and contact details) and consumer behaviour but excluding information that relates to specific products and or services that a Member buys, may be used by the Clinic to analyse Members’ activity under the Programme.

Any of this information may be used by, and shared between the Clinic and its Business Partners where necessary to operate the Programme in order to provide Members with services relating to the Programme, to communicate with Members, to Tier Members, to promote offers to Members, to fulfil Members’ requests including redemption orders and for identification purposes. The Clinic may also use that information, and share it with the Business Partners in order to facilitate various services to the Members, to extend Member benefits and special offers, and for marketing purposes including planning, product development, telemarketing promotions, research and other carefully screened marketing Programmes or activities, which the Clinic and/or the Business Partners believe are likely to interest Members.

In each case the recipients may be located in countries outside Malaysia that do not have laws to protect personal data, however in these circumstances the Clinic will use all reasonable efforts that personal data is appropriately protected.